A week ago, I pointed out that there was a window available for political opportunists to attack the government's covid response as slow and inadequate. Weeks earlier, I pointed out that that kind of opportunity always exists, because of the info gap "G".
Moreover, a month ago I pointed out that this was *always* the case with exponential growth containment problems. In containment failures, no one ever moves fast enough, hard enough. That's the reality. It's such clockwork that you can model it.
If you want to criticize the government's response prior to March 11th then you better have a pile of public credibility coming to that date, otherwise it looks like 20/20 hindsight, and you look like an opportunist rushing into the hindsight void "G" that is always there.
If you're one of the ones rushing into that void, it has to be asked: what is your motive, and what are your political affiliations? What are your conflicts of interest? Is it public health you're interested in, or careerism?
Now is obviously not the time for retrospective analysis of early response policy.

So why are you pushing it now?

Why can you not wait until the vaccine is out and we have a clear plan and timetable to get out of this phase?
It's the opposition's job to hold the government to account.

Therein lies the danger. Managing a pandemic requires the trust of the public.

If you are actively seeking to undermine trust on covid response, what does it say about you?
Finally, if you are going to retrospect, you don't get to cherry-pick early covid response, you have to address the systemic issues ... of chronic underfunding of stockpiles, as just one example.

If you don't want to go there, is it for political reasons?
It's interesting to contrast US versus Canada.

Because in both cases the government is being criticized for not moving hard enough fast enough.

The Canadian reply is: we did our best, and we did ok

The US reply is: shift blame for failure to states, WHO
I am one of the few people out here who's in a legitimate position to criticize the government's reaction as being "slow". "Slow" is relative. The government move fast and hard after the NBA closed its season March 11th.
I personally became alarmed by covid-19 on March 2nd & on March 4th, because of tweets by @bdenovan & @prairietara, which prompted me to look into our data readiness. By March 9 I was agitated by what was happening in Italy, knowing the strength of ties to Toronto & Montreal.
I was stunned by the swiftness and the strength Trudeau's moves on March 14th. It was his Chretien moment, when he refused to send troops to die in futility in Iraq. It was a bold departure from what every other country did in the G7. His fast action will go down as heroic.
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