They've been governing us illegally for years.
Through the "justice" system: rigging the courts to deliver rulings that favored their agenda.
Through "activism": replacing voting populations w/foreign allies, electing their representatives.
They're doing it now through "health".
All the pretty words they use to silence critics- "Shut up, you horrible person- we are 'helping' people!"- are lies.
It's not "justice", "activism", or "health".
It's tyranny, oppression, and death.
THAT is what globalists are really selling, and sane people worldwide know it.
They want control over all nations. What they hate is sovereignty. They want to own us- ALL of us.
Our weakness is sometimes that we don't pay attention to our fellow humans worldwide- same lies to them as they do to us. It's not an America problem, but a free humanity problem
They want us to see "no borders"? They don't really mean that. They're lying. They want us to be small in our thinking so that we are deceived by fake specific-to-America politics and the personalities of our individual politicians, so we don't notice worldwide conquer. When it,
comes to humanity & communication, there are no borders. In God's eyes, there are no borders. But when it comes to the safety and freedom of people- we need walls to protect our sovereignty, as God also validates. Globalists twist this, deliberately. They say closed borders to-
sharing knowledge & tools to protect ourselves against tyranny- with others worldwide, yet open borders to penetrate our nations, to endanger & overtake us. They preach the exact opposite of freedom, safety, & prosperity for us, to keep the world's wealth & power for themselves.
The more we share what we know to be true, the less power their lies have.
We shatter the mirrors more and more each day.
It's hard to keep up with all of the things you share & counter- their propaganda shelf life is now very short.
Truth frees!
I am proud of us.

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