Thread: many smart and eloquent people articulating what coronavirus shows us about the climate crisis. We can find hope and use the economic recovery to build a sustainable and equitable future. #Coronavirus #ClimateCrisis #JustTransition #renewableenergy

Rebecca Solnit helps us see how to find hope. "A new awareness of how each of us belongs to the whole and depends on it may strengthen the case for meaningful climate action, as we learn that sudden and profound change is possible after all.” 
David Roberts offers concrete policy ideas to build the economy and address climate: "Investments should be geared toward bolstering, and attracting private investment to cleaner alternatives like renewable energy and electric vehicles." 
“While shoring up the economy from the coronavirus fallout, it’s responsible to address that future crisis, and help create millions of good-paying jobs in the clean energy sector while we’re at it.” 
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