1/ In which, Elon Musk distracts everyone from the bailout of his family's (and SpaceX's) exposure to $SCTY by pointing to the shiny object of the Silevo technology (here in the 9/2016 meeting with T. Rowe)
2/ What became of the crown jewel of $SCTY ?

A mere three months later, $TSLA wrote off the Silevo technology

If you are a NYS taxpayer, Elon picked your pocket, thanks to the gullibility of your governor, Andrew Cuomo, who was the patsy at the poker table and funded hundreds of millions in Silevo equipment, that, to this day, sits unused in crates in a Buffalo warehouse.
4/ The sewer level governance of $TSLA becomes no less offensive on a second, third or even fourth reading of it.
5/ Props to @PlainSite for continuing to dig out the truth about how the sausage is really made in MuskWorld.
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