Before and during the coronavirus crisis, Joe Biden has stood up for China, dismissed it as an economic threat, and opposed President Trump’s China travel restrictions.
Hunter Biden met with a Chinese banker during Joe Biden’s taxpayer-funded trip to China in 2013.

Hunter was attempting to form a Chinese private equity fund.

Just 10 days after the trip, the Chinese government issued the fund's business license.
Between June 2014 and October 2015, Rosemont Seneca Bohai paid Hunter Biden $708,302.

In June 2015, Rosemont Seneca Bohai obtained a 20% equity stake in Bohai Harvest RST, the Chinese private equity firm that Hunter had been a board member of since 2013.
Hunter Biden's explanations are often inconsistent.

Hunter claims he went to China on Air Force 2 with his father "because my daughter was on the trip."

But per The New Yorker, "Hunter told his father that he wanted to join them," then met a businessman
“Was Hunter Biden profiting off his dad's work as Vice President, and did Joe Biden allow it?”
Why did the Chinese government’s bank want to do business with Hunter Biden while his dad was Vice President?
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