Blaming the lack of adequate social provision on 'humanity' when it is 100% class inequality, austerity, and neoliberalism which you *have never questioned or interrogated ever* is exceptionally on-brand @CBC. #CDNPoli
Hey @CBCAdrianH, the above insulting, ahistorical gaslighting is why the @CBC is such a joke RN. 'Humanity' is to blame, all humanity equally, just a natural propensity, not the result of systemic racial and class iniquity, poverty is just 'human shortsightedness.' Unbelievable.
Hey @ianhanomansing, @adriearsenault, @AndrewChangCBC, do you believe this so-called 'analysis'? Or is it perhaps time that Canada's Public-Broadcaster acknowledged that inadequate social provision is in fact the result of decades of concerted political choices? #CDNPoli
Like, holy shit, the uncritical socialization of responsibility here is incredible: "our failure;" "humans are hard-wired for short-term thinking;" "as we evolved, immediate survival became the priority;" "our preference to have something now" this is eugenics. #CDNPoli
How singularly and absolutely @Don_Pittis disclaims the very real fact that abandoning the poor and vulnerable to the ravages of the market is a political choice, not an onboard facet of 'human nature,' here is incredible. #CDNPoli
And it is even more incredible because of the parallel drawn with climate change! By extension the argument is that it is not entrenched oil interests which impede action, but merely 'our evolution,' what could one even call this nonsense? Complacency eugenics? #CDNPoli
This is the problem with Canada's so-called 'public broadcaster' today, it is resolutely uncritical. It repels and excludes critical thought. Blaming human evolution for neoliberal privatization & the gutting of social provision is what passes for 'analysis' at the @CBC. #CDNPoli
Honestly can't get over what a brazen Malthusian grift 'why haven't preparations been made for the crises? I guess it's just human nature! ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯' is. How perfectly exemplary it is of the malicious intellectual vacuity of the contemporary @CBC. #CDNPoli
Adequate social & emergency provision has not been made because it conflicts with the restricted end of private profit and private accumulation. We are at the whims of this crisis because subordination to market imperatives has hollowed out and eroded the public sphere. #CDNPoli
Inadequate social provision has been made because the economic interests of a privileged few have habitually and consistently been placed above the vital life interests of working people, for whom services have been slashed, cut, eroded, and made impossible to access. #CDNPoli
Blaming the grotesque consequences of failure to make provision for crises like these on 'human evolution' and conflating those making terrible political choices with their victims is not benign, it is vile, incoherent & designed to exculpate predatory monied interests. #CDNPoli
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