The Tiger King crash call: a thread #medtwitter #TigerKingNetflix
Patient arrests
Basic Life Support initiated
Crash team arrival
Med reg: “Can anyone tell me about this patient?”
Staff Nurse relays history to team
SHO takes airway as ward staff doing a crack job with compressions already
FY1 sent to get capnography which is inevitably missing from crash trolley / bag
FY1 returns and takes over compressions with gusto
ANP is asked if they can do the gas:
Med reg anxiously waits for results while CPR in progress
The gas shows a lactic acidosis with no reversible causes - who’d have thought?
SHO suggests futility
Med reg thinks otherwise
Thankfully, a shockable rhythm now = defibrillate (and all sing a short country number)
Return of Spontaneous Circulation
ICU finally arrive
Team debrief
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