A loose translation of the five suggestions recently made -
(inspired from the Doyenne of Loose Translations, Ms. Truschke)
You don’t have to repeatedly remind us of the work you are doing & the progress India is making.
The citizens must be kept ignorant as this kind of expectation can irrevocably spoil them.
We get our news from ShakerFaker’s The Sprint.
The figure of ₹20,000crs is as reliable as that story of the tanks rolling through the heart of Delhi one foggy, January night…
but we will not let you refurbish, upgrade any colonial edifice, even if its 100yrs old.…
especially by an Indian, because they don’t have it in them to do a good job.

The granddaughter & great grandson of one of the contractors who assisted Lutyen & Baker also think so. After all they sacrificed FreedomFighter Singh to get their hands on that plum project.
Put all your foreign visits on hold.
You are making too many friends !

This of course doesn’t hold for us. We have our bags packed & waiting to zip off the minute air space opens for private planes.
Too much is being spent on the betterment of our people’s lives.
Stop it ! This is a criminal waste !
Who needs infrastructure, healthcare, education ?
Please learn something from our tenure.
So much money !!!… & my name is no where on the PM-Cares Fund.
Don’t you know at one time I got a cut from fighter aircrafts, bullet proof vests to ... to ... the smallest needle ?

I miss those days 😢
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