A happy and healthy Easter weekend to those fighting the #Coronavirus battle who never get the applause they deserve, including care workers, who are on the front line fighting the #Coronavirus alongside those heroic doctors and nurses..
I have a bit of a vested interest as my sister and a few friends work in old people's homes, do the rounds helping those who still live at home in need of assistance. Maybe now will governments the world over recognise the value of carers. We shall see..

Songs have been written in tribute of hospital staff and lorry-drivers, but not about my fellow warehouse workers, who are at the bottom of the chain but, like myself, frequently work in conditions which are conducive to the spread of the #Coronavirus. Stay healthy, comrades..
A shout to workers in all sections of the production industry, large and small, who make and/or process everything we need from food to face-masks and the stupidphones being used by those idiots spreading their bile online at a time when we should all pull together

Greetings to all in the emergency services everywhere - ambulance drivers and paramedics especially - who are doing a sterling job, something which is not always noted or appreciated. Stay at home if you don't need to go out. Help them do their jobs.

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