In July 2018 after being a few years on twitter I had less than 800 followers, now mostly due to #Socialist friends I have just under 18,000.

I enjoy the debate.

I love the camaraderie.

I'm grateful for the support & for all I've learnt from all of you. 1/4
The last few months have been hard for us. The #GE19 result was devastating, the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn have continued & the election and first few days of Keir Starmer as LOTO more than disappointing....

Lots of members have left/are leaving the party. 2/4
Others, myself included, have argued for staying: to fight from within.

I appreciate the pros and cons of both decisions so no pitch here (I can't promise not to make my points in other tweets though!).

BUT, whether inside OR out of UK Labour we represent...3/4
...something HUGE: an interested, engaged, active social movement. Hundreds of 1000s of folk fighting for equality, social justice & a safer more sustainable world #4TheMany

No one can deny that & we mustn't give it up. IN or OUT we really are #StrongerTogether #Solidarity 4/4
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