Made the shortest video possible on composting in a new place in times of a #lockdown. Composting can prevent us from contaminating the waste we hand over to the waste pickers who are risking their lives everyday. Please try! Please share. #COVIDー19 #lockdownextension #challenge
Biodegradable waste can further spread Covid because our saliva is literally in it. Landfills and waste collection points can become a hotspot for Covid spread so composting at home is the only wat we can tackle this and stop the spread. This needs your attention more than ever.
@ayushmannk @deespeak @ParveenKaswan @AUThackeray @ParveenKaswan @RandeepHooda @aliaa08 @FarOutAkhtar @deepikapadukone @ArvindKejriwal Don't know who else to tag but please check the video in this thread and share. Home composting can help contain the spread of Covid. Please RT.
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