Maharaja Jaswant Singh of Marwar (Jodhour) always worked against Aurangzeb despite being in later's service. After Shaiste Khan failed to subdue Ch. Shivaji, Aurangzeb sent Maharaj Jaswant Singh with huge Army and ammunition. M. Jaswant Singh was "defeated" by Ch. Shivaji &..
..even Marathi historians believed so. In fact the defeat was tactical. As Ch. Shivaji's rebellion was causing concern, Aurangzeb deputed Mirja Raje Jaisingh, his senior most General and king of Amber (Jaipur) to defeat Ch. Shivaji. Mirza Raja proceeded with unprecedented..
..resources; men, material, ammunition (including European arms, Niccolai Manucci the Portuguese traveler, thinker, combat expert was part of this campaign). Mirza Raja indeed brought Ch. Shivaji to his knees, the truce followed included Ch. Shivaji meets Aurangzeb.. Agra. Mirza Raja took assurance from Aurangzeb that his guest would not be harmed. Mirza Raja also instructed Ram Singh, his son based in Agra to ensure Ch. Shivaji returns unharmed. But on learning about the plan to execute Ch. Shivaji, Ram Singh engineered his escape..
When Ch. Shivaji escaped, Aurangzeb realised the futility of South campaign that was led by Mirza Raja, expensive and fruitless.

Aurangzeb punished all these three players. M. Jaswatsingh was sent to Afghanistan (punishment posting) where he eventually died ...
(suspected poisoning). Mirza Raja Jaisingh was poisoned during his stay in Burhanpur (Aurangzeb's birth place) on the way back to Agra and Ram Singh was removed of his rights to his kingdom, an important temple in his carea was destroyed as penalty &was sent on posting to Afgh.
Thus Hindavi Swarajya established by Ch. Shivaji Maharaj was supported and blessed by a number of players (this thread describes its connection w/ Kachwahas and Rathores of Rajasthan), it was a dream conjured by Ch. Shivaji..
..struck a cord in the minds and hearts of every self-respecting Hindu then. In a way Swarajya was a collective, Pan-Hindu dream!

Happy to share this for the benifit of like minded ppl. Its not enough to read history but interpret it correctly so as to draw useful lessons.
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