1. John Solomon cites that Hydroxychloroquine is rated by doctors treating Coronavirus patients as the top drug to fight COVID-19. Those doctors also fear a 2nd wave of the virus is coming. Ask yourself, why are Democrats waging war against the use of this drug? https://twitter.com/jsolomonReports/status/1246082556858114052
2. If Hydroxychloroquine is determined to be effective and dependable against COVID-19 with patients healing and staying well when using it, then, there will be a STRONG change of direction by Congress and the White House AWAY from financing "exploratory medicine" contracts.
3. That is why Democrats are fighting against Hydroxychloroquine. The US is looking at giving out BILLIONS for experimental processes to find a drug that will defeat COVID-19. Big pharma is salivating, just waiting for that "emergency" funding.

BUT, if there's actually no need?
4. All of those people expecting to financially benefit from this pandemic will suddenly be hit with the reality...they're not getting the new car, boat, or house in the Hamptons after all. The money will be sent to the manufacturer of Hydroxychloroquine. So, who owns the patent?
5. "Mylan (MYL) and Teva Pharmaceuticals (TEVA) plan to jumpstart production of hydroxychloroquine, which is also approved for treating lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. The medicine has been prescribed sparingly, mostly to travelers, and was in short supply this month..."
5. "Meanwhile, Teva expects to donate more than 6 million doses through wholesalers to U.S. hospitals to meet “urgent demand,” the company said in a statement. The doses will be shipped by March 31 and more than 10 million within a month. Additional production is being assessed."
6. "The allure of repurposing hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of Covid-19...in patients who have been exposed, is obvious: it is an oral molecule that has been around for decades, has a well-established track record from a safety perspective, and would be inexpensive ."
8. So hey, democrats, why are you so willing to battle over a very trusted, long used, inexpensive treatment option for COVID-19? Is it really all JUST about money to you?

Democrats need to answer that question, SOON. And, don't say because the medicine can cause upset stomach!
9. I'm sure most people would be willing to deal with a 2-3 week episode of being a little nauseated as opposed to dying.

So, what of this "2nd wave" that doctors in the field are expecting? Here's an article about the 3 waves of the 1918 Spanish flu.

10. Being concerned about an additional wave of the virus means we need to be prepared with a confirmed drug for its treatment, not handing out BILLIONS to the Big Pharma friends and families of Bill Clinton, the Bush's and Obama.


Trump is seeing to that.
11. Call your local representative or senator and ask for their vote to support collecting information from doctors currently treating COVID-19 patients as a means of confirming the drug's effectiveness verses putting it through clinical trial.

God bless


- End
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