✈️ Acting High Commissioner @JanThompsonFCO announces the second round of charter flights from India to the UK.

More information on the flights, including cost and baggage allowances, can be found on the booking portal.

For further details please see the following five tweets.
(1/5) We advise all British nationals who wish to return to the UK to book immediately from the flights listed below:

➣ Goa to London - 14 and 16 April
➣ Goa to London via Mumbai - 18 April
➣ Kolkata to London via Delhi - 19 April
➣ Amritsar to London - 13, 17 and 19 April
(2/5) More options for the flights below:

➣ Ahmedabad to London - 13 and 15 April
➣ Hyderabad to London via Ahmedabad - 17 April
➣ Chennai to London via Bengaluru - 20 April
➣ Trivandrum to London via Kochi - 15 April
(5/5) If you have already registered interest in a flight from listed destinations then you don't need to register again-you will be contacted by email.

Where flights are oversubscribed not everyone on the waitlist will be allocated a seat–further flights organised where needed
It WILL be possible to book for airports that are not in the state in which you are currently staying.

British travellers should register for the flight that is nearest to their current location - follow the guidance below👇.
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