someone has accused my spouse of grooming them from a young age

we scoured our logs with this person; they claimed to be 18+ and had virtually no interactions with either of us


why does this keep happening. what is even the appropriate thing to do here. legit question
i don't even like making a public fuss that risks drawing nasty attention to someone but like, what else am i supposed to do when someone makes a serious accusation (and we have no idea what they're talking about)

maybe they confused ash with marl? that's my best guess
also upon further investigation it looks like they must've lied about their age to get into our nsfw spaces, so, that sucks

it's possible MARL interviewed them, they gave their age truthfully, and he let them in ANYWAY without saying anything because he's a fucking creep and we know at least one occasion where he did that
i want to scream. that seems the most plausible explanation. this fucking nightmare of a man, just how much damage did he inflict on people and then let fall on us
they are saying this happened on discord when they were 13

by my calculations, they were 14 when discord was made public. not OUR discord; the entire platform, at all. discord did not exist when they were 13

this is truly baffling
it's very frustrating that folks keep making serious accusations that don't make any sense to us, we never get any clarification, and then it just lingers and we get to be known as the folks who did a thing without even understanding what the thing was
we still get called a cult. you know why? our former friend twee said that their cult survivor friend confirmed twee's experience with us was cult-like

because twee made it out like we locked them in a physical room, not a discord channel. after they'd assaulted our friend
ashiinu, a few weeks ago, implying i'm a pedo based on tweets where i talk about wanting to /protect/ minors from the kinds of bad experiences i had myself

ash is called abusive for doing, essentially, shouty roleplays that the other participant actively asked for
i feel like i'm going insane sometimes, like there is this entire alternate reality built out of bizarre stories that i am a character in despite never having participated in. the people who buy into it have no problem with the lies, they forget the origins and repeat the upshot
i have no idea what happened to this person. and i have no way to find out. if they're right, i can't do anything to make it right; if they're wrong for whatever reason, it won't even matter, because the damage is done. one more unexamined horror story for the pile
well as always, folks can always email me or dm me or whatever if they want to talk. if they don't, i don't know how else to respond but this
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