Top 10 #FakeNews of the week #Coronavirus: 👇
1. A video clip shared by #KiranBedi on Twitter with the claim that the eggs thrown away by people due to #coronavirus have now hatched into chicks

Fact: The eggs that we buy from grocery stores are unfertilised and hence cannot hatch #poultry
2. A #WhatsApp forward claiming that the #WHO has issued protocol for #lockdown schedule

Fact: #WHO clarified that the message attributed to them is baseless and false
3. A video was viral claiming that people mass sneezed in #NizamuddinDargah to spread #coronavirus infection.

Fact: They were performing a Sufi practice of ‘zikr’ in which Allah’s name is mentioned over and over again in unison.
4. A video clip showing a group of Muslims licking used utensils shared with the claim that their intention of doing so is to spread coronavirus.

Fact: It is an old video in which #BohraMuslims are following their belief of #zerowastage of food by licking the utensils.
5. A video was viral claiming mass gathering of Italians supposedly offering prayers during the #coronaviruspandemic.

Fact: The video is actually from #Peru and before the COVID-19 outbreak
6. A video was in circulation of a man smashing glass windows with his head & hands with a claim that he is a #TablighiJamaat member & is roaming nude and misbehaving with hospital staff.

Fact: It is an old video from #Pakistan and the man in the video was mentally challenged
7. Video clip of #RahulGandhi & #PriyankaGandhi stopped at a police security check claiming that they're breaking the #COVID19 #lockdown

Fact: The video is of an incident in Dec'19 of #UttarPradesh when party leaders went to meet the families of people killed in # #CAA protests.
8. A video of dead bodies on a beach, claiming that some countries throw #COVID19 infected dead bodies into the seas & advised people to not eating #seafood.

Fact: The video is from 2014, on Libyan beach, when #Africanmigrants lost their life while crossing into #Europe.
9. A #WhatsApp message circulated, claiming that a concoction of #lemon & #bakingsoda immediately kills the #coronavirus

Fact: There is no scientific finding and research that lemon or soda or a mix of both can prevent or #CureCoronavirus
10. A video claiming that #5G technology is making people sick, crushing their immune system & that people in China are destroying 5G towers during the #COVID19 outbreak

Fact: It's an old video from #HongKong protests. Linking #Coronavirus to #5G are #fake #conspiracytheories
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