This sounds familiar and quite close to views held by my Dad’s generation of Chinese intellectuals esp his Uni classmates frm 1960s who had experienced Cultural Revolution. I agree w part abt allowing Freedom of Speech but IMO they’re still naive abt Western gov intentions
China should allow Freedom of Speech bc it helps China. But it will make NO difference to make China’s relationship better w West because US Empire and hang·er-ons freaked out abt their own diminishing importance is lashing out to distract frm own failures
People of Dad’s generation who stayed in China usually understand China very well, but they don’t really understand how West operates or mentality of Western elite when it comes to China
They still wish 2 return to 1980s when China had honeymoon phase with the West because US need to have China in the anti-Soviet camp. That time is gone. USSR is no more, US military industrial complex need another bogey man to continue milk American taxpayers. China fits the bill
Aft collapse of USSR, China fought to break out post-Tiananmen isolation to join the Post Cold War globalization led by US. It was a success. But US/West faced w failures in the aftermath of 2008 financial crisis, alarmed that China poised to outgrow US, threatening US hegemony
That’s why we have increasingly shrill media coverage fanning Sinophobia. #COVID19 crisis only latest crescendo. tension w China dovetail perfectly with trillion dollars defense spending demanded by Military Industrial Complex.
With all due respect, Dad in the OP still dream about 人类命运共同体 “Human community of common destiny”. But US/West elite only cares abt grift, profit and maintain their own superior status. There will be no meaningful cooperation unless you understand other party’s base line
I could go on but I really have to attend to duties IRL. Summed it up. China should allow Freedom of Speech for good of China, on its own terms, not to appease Western sensibilities which is a lost cause.
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