So I'm proud to say i've been testing yogurts. Specifically Oui by @Yoplait. I'm super picky with flavors, but I've tried enough that I can announce the winners amongst the ones I've tried. Enjoy this thread I'm making instead of writing :) #amwriting
The first I tried was vanilla. I didn't dislike her. She was cute. Reminds me of Chanel number five. Simply vanilla, but not overstated or overly sweet. She was sophisticated, but ultimately I like my vanilla a little bit sweeter. 3/5.
Next I tried lemon. I'm WARY with fruit flavored anything that's not well, fruit. Lemon really paired SUPER well with the tart taste that comes with yogurt. She was sunny. Bright. Reminded me of being on a beach and sipping a margarita. I loved her. 4/5.
Next I tried Honey...and girl. Honey is the girl from the small town that you don't know you should bet your money on but you SHOULD. She was perfectly sweet, and never in my life have I enjoyed yogurt so much. 5/5. Good job. We're proud of you.
Mango is currently in my mouth.. She's the fruity version for vanilla. She's trying a little hard. I don't dislike her, but I think out of all the flavors above I may not repurchase. Or I may. I'm still getting used to her. 3/5.
Yes quarantine has caused me to rank yogurt flavors. I do still want to try black cherry, and I will probably stick to buying lemon and honey from here on out. Especially honey. I may instacart some more tomorrow why lie? Anyway, I hope you liked this thread back to writing~
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