bwhxhgh not to be a baby on main but if you know anything about me you know that dreamworks trolls is my favorite movie ever. EVER. and it has been since it was in THEATERS!!! and when trolls 2 was announced years ago it seemed so far away but i’ve been so excited. like, when i
felt like i didn’t have a lot else to look forward to, it’d be “well, that’s not true, because trolls 2 is happening in 2020!” and i was so excited to go see it in theaters as many times as i could possibly fit in my schedule. i know the virus has a lot bigger impacts than me not
being able to see a dumb kids movie, but my love for trolls is INTENSE. in summer 2017, i watched it EVERY SINGLE DAY. for TWO MONTHS STRAIGHT. i’m literally drowning in trolls merchandise. i have the capabilities and have considered making a poppy ita bag. and i’m just...
so bummed that all of my excitement to go see it in theaters has been stolen. i’ve written FANFICTION for this silly singing trolls movie. and now it comes out tomorrow, but i just can’t help but feel conflicted about it. i don’t know if i should wait to see if maybe, maybe it
will get a theater release when all this is over. i just want it to feel special. i’m super serious about not getting spoiled for this movie, and i don’t know if i could avoid them all+i’d be eaten up knowing i Could watch it but Am Not. i just want it to be special and i KNOW
this thread is pathetic bc come on annie its a kid’s movie but like. its my Thing. its so special to me. and i’ve had so much excitement and so many ideas and planned to drag all my friends to see it since it was announced in 2017, and now its all gone. i’m just really sad.
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