I am incredibly touched by the responses to our #extubation dance video. The kind words are so appreciated. While I never in a million years expected this to get so much attention, I do want to explain why I posted it in the first place.
1st, patients would cry when we told them they needed #intubation; I realized this was because they thought they were going to die of #COVID19. While #coronavirus can indeed be deadly, I wanted people to know that there was #hope, & that we are getting some patients through this.
2nd, I wanted to improve the morale of my #team. As the attending #MD, it is both my privilege and responsibility to set the tone for the #ICU, and I wanted my team to be excited and energized, and feel proud of the work they were doing, especially during these trying times.
3rd, I wanted the families who could not be at the bedside of their loved ones to celebrate their progress to know that we would #celebrate for them. We would also #comfort them when times were hard.
Your #joy is our joy. Your #sadness is our sadness. Your #doctors, #nurses, and #respiratorytherapists are rooting for you. It is an honor and privilege to care for you. ❤️
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