1) There is no doubt that service industries, travel, restaurants, and personal (hair, nails, dog grooming, etc) are going to be hurt by this shutdown.

But this may be a hard lesson that many Americans needed to learn about borrowing less and keeping some savings.
2) Surveys of all sorts show most Americans have less than $600 in the bank over bills.

3) In my neighborhood, there have been people living in $450,000 houses who had no business paying a mortgage like that.
4) On the other side, a lot of people are going to reassess their family and business finances. A lot will ask, "What if x happens? Am I prepared?"
5) I know when Pharaoh finally lets my people go, I plan to tip at MUCH higher levels.

6) But at some point the borrow and spend mentality had to be brought in line with reality. Unfortunately, it takes difficulties like this to force such a realignment.
7) The same is true with the federal and state governments. While I do not believe the deficits/debt is a big danger in itself (another debate, another time), I do think that the horrible practice of not having budgets and having "emergency" allocations used . . .
7) contd . . . only in emergencies should be our goal. This gets back to my hobby horse, the House. The House made itself irrelevant, even before Botoxic's impeachment crap.

GOP Congresses didn't create budgets and stick to them---cuz that would have meant (horror!) . . .
7) contd . . . shutting down gubment.

8) For six years of Zero, the House made itself irrelevant by not forcing Zero to come to the table on real balanced budgets.

OF COURSE the DemoKKKrats won't.
9) So in many ways you have a House that has made itself impotent and irrelevant. It's ONLY main constitutional duty has been ignored and shirked so much, what else does it do?

10) This is why even if the DemoKKkrats hold the House this fall, it won't mean as much as it might.
11) Yes, they'll continue to harass and investigate Trump. No, no big "infrastructure" bills will pass unless Trump agrees to bucketloads of pork. Aside from that, the House under Botoxic would be no different than the House under even Jordan . . . wait for it . . .
11) contd . . . WHEN IT COMES TO FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY. The GOP's deficits would merely be smaller than those of the DemoKKKrats.

12) Don't get me wrong, I very much want the Rs to win the House & hold the Senate, but no one in the House in 10 years has shown that . . .
12) contd . . . they take seriously in the slightest their main constitutional power of the budget. I hope I'm really wrong on this and that a GOP House finally drafts, and lives by, a real budget in 2021.
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