1) I may have watched #TigerKingNetflix for the second time 🤫 but it had me thinking about some similarities between the lure for exotic animal trainers and #strengthandconditioning #coaches .....thread to follow on #ExploitedPassion
2) I once was a contracted #strengthcoach for a high level DoD entity. I was making $60k in DC (which isn’t much for the locality). I went to my well known S&C contracting company and methodically asked for pay raise.
3) I was told “coaching was not about money, it’s about passion.” Those words were forever burned into my mind....not in a positive way.

Which they have every right to do, so I accepted it but gave my notice and was off on my next adventure (job)
4) As I’m sitting here watching #tigerking am I’m seeing some similar tactics? 🤔
5) #CaroleBaskin and #DocAntle are very similar to our industry’s gatekeepers with regards to holding our passion in front of us with a carrot and a stick. Knowing if we buck up there is a line of people waiting for the opportunity.
6) The thing is - the industry has the right to do this bc we as strength coaches don’t do anything about it! IT’S OUR PASSION! The sad thing is the industry knows the same thing.
7) We are over here complaining (like this thread) without a solution. And the gatekeepers are not going to provide a solution for you that cuts into their profit margins....bc it’s about “passion” 🤦🏼‍♂️
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