The other thing that has cut me apart is how, at a time when dubious claims of anti-semitism are weaponized, Bernie and his campaign were subjected to regular, violent Nazi attacks -- smashed windows, swastikas at rallies, racist death threats left on field offices.
... and perhaps because he did not like to play the victim, this vile, violent anti-semitism never got the same play in the media as a bunch of jerks posting snake emojis. Instead, pundits threw around tropes and blood libels, compared him to a disease and to Hitler.
Politico photoshopped him like the Happy Merchant next to money trees.

It was disgusting, all of it, and it made me realize that a loud, honest, working class, socialist New York Jew would
never be defended from racism by many glossy pundits who made their names on wokeness
While the swastika banner dropped at Bernie's rally was covered (barely), the regular attacks on his field offices were not. I had to do a twitter thread compiling these incidents -- windows smashed in Seattle, swastikas and threats in Florida, death threat note in New Hampshire
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