Latest Trump ad features a montage of Biden meeting with Chinese officials. Amid that montage at the :39 mark: a clip of him with Gary Locke, the former governor of Washington/Commerce secretary/ambassador to China, who is Asian-American, but... American
Locke is definitely standing with Chinese flags, and the event pictured in fact happened in Beijing in 2013.

But Locke is an American and was an official of the administration at the time, who seems to have been thrown in to the ad because it was assumed he was Chinese too.
Then, of course, there’s the fact that Trump has himself often talked about how much he likes China’s Xi, who’s one of the officials Biden is shown with. They will, according to Trump, “always be friends.”
And then there’s that Trump said he was taking Xi’s assurances about the coronavirus back in January
The Trump ad ends with not so subtly implying Biden is losing his mind, which also was (is) a standard attack line among many of Sanders’s online supporters
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