Okay, I'm going to talk about the possibility of a Chinese Bat Flu Virus vaccine.

Buckle up fam, thread time.
1. I am a free, sovereign man, and as such, I will make all of the decisions concerning my own health care. Not government mandate will determine what I do to care for myself. So, I'm going to layout how I intend to care for myself.
2. In the event that I do get sick, I fully intend to insist upon the Hydrochloroquine and Zinc treatment, as it's proven itself suffiecently effective in treatment.
3. Should a vaccine become available, I will not take it. I have my reasons, and I'll lay them out. The last time the government arranged a vaccine program on the fly, here were the results:
6. Moreover, Bill Gates had been hanging with Jeffrey Epstein by his own admission, and that's after Epstein plead guilty.
8. Now, to top off Gates's eccentricity, to put it politely, is the fact that he wants to microchip is all with a digital immunity.
9. With the Gates Foundation investing in all of the vaccines, vaccines his foundation helped fund in Africa being spiked, why would I let this little creeper both give me a shot and then microchip me?
10. So, on order to maintain my status as a sovereign, free man and to ensure that I'm healthy, I plan on doing hydrochloroquine and zinc should I get sick, avoid the vaccine, and, if available, go for antibody therapy.
11. We will all have to make our own health decisions, and this is my personal choice and decision. You should research what is available/becoming available and make a plan of the what ifs, just in case you need medical assistance. What is good for me may not be good for you.
12. So please, use this thread as a reminder to make your own personal plans and decisions. We are all still free to do so, for now.

Pepe out.
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