So, Joe Biden FINALLY comes out with a disability plan & it's as skimpy as a two-piece bathing suit.

You hate to see it.
I don't get how you're THIS late in the game in publishing such a plan and don't think to borrow one of the better disability plans that is a good template for you to use.

I have nothing nice to say, so I'm going to go mind my business.
It's truly ironic that the candidate that shares so much about his disability dropped the ball in 1) providing a disability plan in a reasonable time frame & 2) have something worth rallying behind.

*Sigh* I shouldn't be surprised, but here I am.
As much as I’m on Twitter, I don’t remember much chatter about something that apparently has been on the website for some time.

It’s new to me, as I’m sure it is to many folks.

Regardless of when it was shared, it’s still skimpy as Hades. And that’s a grave disappointment.
If that “plan” is all we get, then man...
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