If election integrity is the goal, then each step in the elections process should be assessed for transparency. Any part the voter cannot personally observe, is an opportunity for fraud. This is true about the inside of a voting machine, as well as... 1/ https://twitter.com/jennycohn1/status/880544107084500992
... what happens after a voter deposits his or her ballot in the mail. 2/
Without stringent protocols that shed light on these areas of darkness, any and all voting systems can be gamed. 3/
Americans aren’t used to thinking in terms of transparency. They are used to thinking of them in terms of security. But the truth is that, without transparency, even a secure system is problematic. 4/
Transparency is essential bc we need the winners AND the losers in an election to have faith in the outcome. Otherwise, we jeopardize the peaceful transition of power. 5/
Unless and until lawmakers start speaking in terms of election transparency—and taking affirmative steps to promote it—we will remain in peril as we barrel toward November. This is true no matter what type of voting system(s) we use. 6/
PS. I do not mean to suggest that transparency is the ONLY issue, but it is an essential component that is too often not considered by those blindly advocating one voting system vs another. 7/
Touchscreens involve additional risks, such as the potential for mechanical failure (deliberate or otherwise), the likelihood of longer lines (compared to #HandMarkedPaperBallots), & the potential for voter suppression via disproportionate distribution of working machines. 8/
Touchscreens are also disease vectors. 9/
10/ Plus, touchscreen voting machines take much longer to use than #HandMarkedPaperBallots. (Ballot Marking Devices are touchscreen systems) https://twitter.com/segreenhalgh/status/1232000197875687424?s=21 https://twitter.com/segreenhalgh/status/1232000197875687424
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