My new favorite pastime is watching Thai BL actors do Instagram lives together where I understand nothing except they laugh and smile a lot.
What I understand in Thai... hello.. I'm sorry.. that's it.
My favorite part is how most are social distancing then you have MewGulf who are like fuck that shit we are practically married.
Saint and Zee are only social distancing because Zee is responsible lol Saint is not about this life 😂😂
Tul and Max doing stupid lives on FB called Stay Alice Together where its just them eating food and Tul telling Max hes gonna get fat lol
Jimmy and Tommy doing a live where Jimmy's dad was like Tommy come over here and Tommy was like um I dont think I can get out of my district bc curfew lol
God bless that Newwie exists in this world... also Newwie/Saint is a friendship I never knew i needed until they started commenting on each others IG posts
Things that gave me life..
New making brownies.. food junkie Saint saying he wants to eat the brownies and New telling Saint to come try them.
This thread is just me rambling about random Thai actors just fyi
Saint is cute in the horrible orange color how is life so unfair
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