We've implemented billions in supports for job creators in the face of this crisis. We started by deferring utility payments for small commercial and farm customers for 90 days, which cuts costs for small businesses in the time where they need it most. #ableg #1/8 https://twitter.com/RachelNotley/status/1248356242625445888
We're deferring WCB Premiums and paying half the premiums for small and medium businesses when they come due, which means that they will save $350 million. That's a crucial savings for them and another way we're saving them costs. 2/8
We've also deferred corporate tax collection for six months to increase employers’ access to cash so they can pay employees, address debts and continue operations. This move will save businesses $1.5 billion. 3/8
We're deferring education property taxes for businesses for six months, saving them over $450 million. Commercial landlords are encouraged to pass savings on to their tenants through reduced or deferred payments to help employers pay their employees and stay in business. 4/8
Today we announced that we're offering free advice, coaching and information on COVID-19 resources and supports through @BusinessLinkAB, in conjunction with the federal government. 5/8
Small businesses that bank through @atbfinancial can apply for payment deferrals on loans and lines of credit for up to 6 months and access additional working capital. Other ATB business and agriculture customers can access support on a one-on-one basis. 6/8
Today Premier @jkenney and Ministers @prasadpandayyc, @RicMcIver and Travis Toews announced $2 billion in infrastructure spending that will create jobs. This will allow government to work with companies across the province so they can keep their workers employed. #ableg 7/8
As the Premier said today, this is not the end of the measures we are adopting to support our economy and businesses. All options are on the table and we are continuing to look for ways to support our business leaders and job creators. #ableg 8/8
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