1. I'm generally a @NicolleDWallace fan but she, like many of the media, especially those who lived the lie during the time they were participants in a white supremacist org aka the GOP, seems as though each day is their first day reporting on Trump. One thing that being an
2. investigator and annalist has over being a media reporter is the need to follow the threads. To make an assumption based on the facts and then see if the following days' data supports it. If notm adjust & continue to explain what's likely next.

Okay here's my best analysis:
3. First, I'm a 29 year Bankruptcy litigator who chases criminal frauds for a living. Before that I was a line hotel manager. My sister creamed Trump in 1989 in his AMR hostile take over. I've represented a Bankr. Trustee in a law suit against a Trump development based on claims
4. of fraud. I was once the night manager at the NY Plaza when Westin ran it. So I know Donald Trump better than most folks. I'm also a NY method-trained classical actor. I was taught to watch people and become them. Donald is very transparent and of all people I've ever observed
5. the easiest to read.

Trump was told by @ODNI McGuire of a coming pandemic in November or December at the latest and due to his very clear insolvency his first thought was, "How can Trump make money from it?" IMO he then manipulated the testing to leverage cash from it.
6. He didn't follow best practices for such a critical buy and lacked any redundant suppliers. The @CDCgov Trump stooge @CDCDirector likely was involved but IMO very likely knows what happened. IMO he'll be dead in a few days. FYI @FBIWFO. Having Putin as a pal is handy when you
7. need to get rid of witnesses.

So the tests failed. A moron who by last count had 5 Bankruptcies including a Casino, screwed it all up. #Shocker. So rather than address the problem that could have been addressed, Trump's snake brain made him only concerned
8. with hiding the evidence. So, first he had to say that the pandemic was a hoax so nobody dying from it was his fault. It's a simplistic causation argument that if I had to guess was given to him by @TheJusticeDept Bill Barr and Pat Cipollone both of whom I inadvertently
9. saved from a likely prosecution in 1993. So the alibi was set. But as someone recently said, "The virus gets vote" and February passed without Trump or the @whitehouse preparing by imposing Defense Production Act, getting WHO tests or more PPE. Golf & rallies were all he did.
10. By the middle of February, Congress became alarmed. The obvious person to question was the @ODNI Admiral McGuire. So to continue the cover up Trump fires McGuire and puts in ambassador who's likely owned by the GRU to cover up all the past intel that would lead
11. back Trump, Barr, Cipollone and Charles Koch. So as the body count began to rise and the estimates of as many as two million dead became the possible reality, the Koch machine decided a short time was left to loot @USTreasury & pack the courts meant having a true believer to
12. supervise Trump who Koch knows to not trust. So February 7 Koch fires Mulvaney and puts in his trusted fellow traveller @MarkMeadows to carry out the final solution: Use the Pandemic to destroy the social safety net and murder as many people of color & elderly as possible.
13. So the plan to keep Trump busy was to have him manipulate the networks and get free air time but Trump is a seriously mentally disturbed person who is looking more deranged as the days pass. The damage his pressers are doing to the US psyche is offset by the fact that the
14. @TheDemocrats' base is becoming more and more determined to defeat every @GOP candidate possible. But the @FBIWFO should be looking at the testing. And if they want to get rid of Billy Barr, pull my late brother's Iraq-Gate report from the CIA dungeon. I'm pretty sure it
15. will end the careers of Barr & Cipollone. And possibly destroy the reputation of Bob Mueller but at least they will know who to go to at the start of the investigation. And yes, I think Barr was likely a Soviet mole. I hope @FBIWFO checked his polygraphs when he was at CIA.
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