Hey 5SOS Fam, I need your help. If you’ve seen my other tweets, you can tell that I like to be logical and factual when fighting for our cause. #billboardspeakup #CountThe10kBillboard #billboard200
#AddThe10kBillboard #BillboardAddThe10k #billboardcountthe10k
I’ve seen many tweets saying that other artists have had early album releases and billboard has fixed their numbers. I have been trying to find evidence for this, but I’ve been having trouble. If you can find any evidence online, please screenshot and send it to me. #billboard200
Please retweet this thread to get the word out there. This would help me out immensely. We’re all fighting as hard as we can. Providing more concrete evidence can push this fight even farther. #CountThe10kBillboard #AddThe10kBillboard #billboard200 #billboardspeakup
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