Biden's climate plan is much better than people seem to think and Bernie's climate plan, while better than Biden's, is much worse than people seem to think. Sunrise movement are not credible arbitrators of what a good climate plan looks like.
They are testing plans against how closely they match the green new deal. But the green new deal is actively bad as a climate policy plan. If your climate plan includes M4A and a jobs guarantee it is not a climate plan. It is a plan to subordinate climate to other priorities.
And sunrise justice's scorecard actively penalizes Biden for not adopting this approach. He gets 0 out of 7 for not "strategically sequencing GND policy fights. He's docked points for not trying to fundamentally reorient society in ways unrelated/tangentially related to climate
And time and time again Biden's climate plan receives good marks on things directly related to curbing green house gases like R&D and green energy investment while getting zeros on questions about jobs guarantees, single payer healthcare, and other unrelated issues.
Biden's climate plan is inadequate and you'd be wrong to trust him to do even that. Bernie talks about how serious climate change is, but how seriously is he taking it really if he's essentially treating it as an excuse to implement the rest of his platform?
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