As abled as I seem, I have a history of ending up in hospitals & mental crises when consistently working more than part time.

And I don't know why.
I do have plans, though, for when a project calls for a kind of sprint.

I can do full time in a sense but I have to cap it at 3 weeks, 4 weeks tops. Aftercare is included into project plans because following those weeks I will be crashed for atleast 2 weeks.
I *refuse* to go back to burnout
...for as long as I can

It's just really difficult because there are so many folk, even autistics, who are eager to encourage me to push through & do full time. When..there is no resistance training with this. I have been tried over & over again.
Why are some people made to have low structured work capacities?

Or, like, ig it's the sensitivity to stress?
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