If you are outside your home, it is essential that you maintain #SocialDistanacing. Here's a guide on how to do that & how to help others do it.

1. Keep 2m / 6ft between you and other people (who are not from your household) at all times. This is about the same width as a car.
2. Walk to the side at all times. There may be people behind you who need space to overtake. Stay at the side of the path or pavement.
3. Give way to slower people. Not everyone can move out of the way quickly, especially elderly people and those with disabilities (remember not all disabilities are visible).
4. Runners should slow or walk if they are unable to pass walkers at a safely social distance. You can start running again once there is space.
5. On narrow pavements try and walk facing oncoming traffic. That way you can safely step onto the road when necessary.
6. Use spaces between parked cars, shop doors or ungated garden paths to step aside if there is not enough room to social distance.
7. Drivers slow down. Most pavements are not wide enough to allow social distancing – pedestrians will have to use the carriageway. Give them space. Also be aware cyclists have to do this too – allow them to take the lane.
8. Keep dogs on a short leash at all times. Remember, there may be people behind trying to pass.
9. Do not park your car on the pavement. Many pavements are not wide enough to social distance. Do not make them narrower.
That's it. Nine guidelines. Since no level of government seems to be communicating this information, please, please share this far and wide. We need to look out for each other. #SocialDistancing
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