1. #Voting rights groups are signing a letter asking #Congress for 4 billion dollars for #elections with no oversight provisions. This is a huge mistake. Giving states 4 billion dollars during a crisis ( #FL2000) w/no oversight is how our current #election mess got started.
2. @LWV @StandUpAmerica @CommonCause @Public_Citizen @RockTheVote @IndivisibleNet @votedotorg @dailykos @fixdemocracy1st @democracy_21 Do the right thing. Include a clause in your letter requiring that Congressional funding come w/oversight.
3. Suggested: More absentee voting cannot mean less accuracy or transparency. Congress must mandate that funding come w/public oversight. Adopt a statute similar to Colo 1-7-108 that gives meaningful oversight over absentee ballot voting & vote by mail. https://www.sos.state.co.us/pubs/info_center/laws/Title1/Title1Article7.html
4. Do not allow funding to be spent on touchscreen voting machines. Touchscreens are a disease vector.

Remember that we will need to save the U.S. Postal Service if #VoteByMail & expanded #AbsenteeVoting are going to work well.
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