Have seen @ROGUEWEALTH and a few others talk about pre-built brands lately

So, let me tell you about the lack of labor/sophistication these things take

I've built a few brands myself, so I know the general process

Short thread 👇
What these services do is essentially just coordinating a small team of affordable freelancers

Logo + biz name costs $25

Find a manufacturer on Alibaba with low MOQ

Cheap web designer makes site for $100

Cheap product photographer takes pics for $200
You can find all of these on your own

But that's not even the shitty part of it

The worst part is the final product being extremely generic and difficult to sell

It's not like these companies do deep market research
Instead, they slap your logo on a watch, speaker, or pair of sunglasses, then pretend like you're going to be able to move those consistently

There's a good chance you won't

So, in the end, you overpay for a somewhat simple service, and you end up with a subpar product
The reason they're appealing is that people are confused and want to buy a shortcut

One thing you'll learn in business is that while good info/services can help with the learning curve, there's really no such thing as a shortcut

Try to buy one, and you'll likely get burned
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