#RamaphosaPresser President Cyril Ramaphosa begins his address. He notes South African's lives have been severely disrupted, children aren't in school, businesses aren't in operation, many have lost their income and "our economy has ground to a halt" but people have shown courage
#RamaphosaPresser Ramaphosa says "you have also understood that we must do everything in our power to reduce the massive loss of life" from #coronavirus spread and he thanks South Africans for showing "we [...] are a people who unite in a moment of great crisis".
Ramaphosa reports he has met with various people, including the leaders of opposition parties in @ParliamentofRSA, and discussed the work to combat a common enemy, the #coronavirus thread. He notes the escalating global numbers of contraction and death from #COVID19.
"Even the most developed economies in the world [...] have struggled to find the medical supplies and personnel to deal with the pandemic [...] the global evidence is simply overwhelming," says Ramaphosa.
Ramaphosa says, "It confirms that our decision to declare a National State of Disaster and to declare a national lockdown was correct and timely." He says the rate of transmission has "slowed down significantly" following those measures. #RamaphosaPresser
Ramaphosa says measures such as closing borders, changes people have had to take have "definitely slowed the spread of the virus" before noting "we are only at the beginning of a monumental struggle that demands our every resources and our every effort".
[SUMMARISED AND NOT VERBATIM] Ramaphosa: We cannot relax. We cannot be complacent. We are learning from other countries and the pandemic in South Africa. If we end the lockdown too soon or too abruptly we risk a massive and uncontrollable increase.
This evening I stand before you and ask you to endure even longer, says Ramaphosa. He says this must be done so tens of thousands of lives can be saved. Based on the available evidences, the National Coronavirus Command Council has decided to extend the lockdown by two weeks.
[BREAKING] Ramaphosa announces the #NationalLockdown's extension by two weeks. He says the in the following days details will be made available on how the "phased recovery of the economy" and return to operation in certain sectors under strictly controlled measures will occur.
Without an extension the good work of the lockdown will be undone, says Ramaphosa. "Our immediate priority must remain to slow down the spread of the virus and prevent a massive loss of live," he says, adding this needs to occur while saving the economy and people from hunger.
Ramaphosa says there will be increased measures to support vulnerable households, improve public health strategies and address economic pressure, the public health approach will involve screening in hospitals and at clinics. "We need to do this intensively and systematically."
Ramaphosa says a centre at the CSIR will track various aspects of #CoronavirusInSA such as hotspots, the spread and severity of the disease, and where resources may be most needed. He describes methods of tracing people in contact with the virus and those who've tested positive.
#CoronavirusInSA #COVID19 Ramaphosa reports the UIF has set aside R40-billion to help employees who will be unable to work, says to date is has paid out R356-million. He calls on businesses to pay their suppliers to the extent they can, so suppliers in turn can pay their staff.
#CoronavirusInSA #COVID19 #coronavirus Ramaphosa says the IDC has set aside R3-billion for the procurement of essential medical supplies, while approval has already been secured for R130-million and a further R400-million is expected to be approved in the coming weeks.
#CoronavirusInSA #COVID19 #coronavirus Ramaphosa describes the mobilisation of local business, academia and labour to address certain supply needs, before mentioning a local project to produce ventilators as an example.
Ramaphosa describes various measures to provide, for instance, water and food parcels. "We have provided our spaza shops with financial support, to those who need it," says Ramaphosa. He describes the special #coronavirus fund and some of the items set to be bought.
Ramaphosa notes accommodation has made available for those who were living on the streets. He notes that the efforts previously mentioned, while commendable, are not enough to cushion the poor from the impact of the lockdown and #coronavirus.
Economic and social support strategy details will be made in due course, says Ramaphosa. He highlights a principle of solidarity. "The President, Deputy President, Ministers and Deputy Ministers will each take a one third cut in each of their salaries for the next three months."
Premiers of the provinces, says Ramaphosa, have also agreed to take this salary cut and pledge those funds to the #coronavirus solitary fund. He encourages others to do the same. "Until we contain the virus, the same rules remain," he says, returning to the announced extension.
[ICYMI] South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced that he, the Deputy President David Mabuza, Cabinet Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Premiers have all pledged to undertake a salary cut over the next three months, with the funds destined for the solidarity find.
Ramaphosa says this weekend is a "sacred time for many South Africans" and he asks South Africans keep in their thoughts tonight the country, those who are vulnerable, those who are destitute and alone, and to contribute to the solidarity fund in any way you can.
"Much is being asked of you. Far more than should ever be asked but we know that this is a matter of survival and we dare not fail. I know we shall recover and I also know we shall overcome. May G-d bless South Africa and protect her people," says Ramaphosa.
Ramaphosa referred to the story of easter in his address, just ended. Some key points:
• lockdown extended by two weeks
• three-month salary cuts for political elite
• escalated public health measures
• details for certain businesses TBA
• cabinet working on an economic plan
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