Children exposed to #PFAS during pregnancy have worse immune responses to vaccines, with lower antibody responses. Studies in Norway, Sweden & Japan have found greater difficulties in children with various infections, ranging from colds to stomach bugs to ear infections. 3/
Is evidence cause and effect? No. We have to rely on observational studies - you can't run a randomized control trial of potentially toxic virus & chemical exposures. And immune disruption is a newer field than endocrine disruption. 6/
Will preventing these exposures now change exposure to the coronavirus? No – #stayhome , wash your hands with soap and water at least 30 seconds at a time, & keep that #socialdistancing game strong. 7/
But, when we return to normal, we have to ask ourselves how and why we got here. New infections will come out even more in the future if we don’t appreciate the consequences of messing with Mother Nature & realize our immune systems are being hacked too. 8/END
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