I am a #GenZ voter and I’m proud to be on #TeamJoe

Like many he wasn’t my first pick but as a pragmatic progressive, an organizer, and someone who works in gun violence prevention I know that with @JoeBiden at the top of the ticket we can win in November


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The current occupant of the White House is an NRA puppet.

@JoeBiden has a history of standing up to the NRA.

It’s clear who will do more to reduce gun deaths and stand up to the NRA.

Here‘s his plan to #EndGunViolence: http://joebiden.com/gunsafety/ 

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I understand that many Bernie-supporters might not yet be willing to join @TeamJoe.

That’s okay, but I hope you will before November.

But even if you don’t I hope you won’t ostracize those of us that do and still make sure to vote for down ballot races.

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