#GenderDysphoria (cw ahead) is hard and some have it harder than others.
I know. It comes like a kick to the kidney over the tiniest thing sometimes and it sucks.
It's not enough reason to be a shit brick to fellow trans men who are trying to feel good about themselves though.
I think I'm lucky as fuck that my case isn't as crippling as others, and maybe that makes me obnoxious so I'm sorry. I'm still learning, and trying to voice this the best way I can.
In the same vein that I'm very sad whenever I see trans peeps act like other fellow trans peeps
with little to none dysphoria are lesser, bc if you're not fucking suffering you don't deserve to be trans or w/e--- (???)
I'm smad when some decide it's ok to police other trans peeps to the point of wanting their content- trans content, to not exist.
And like, I get that to some trans peeps, all they wanna be is Cis, I swear I understand.
I hope I'm making sense? It's a feeling I don't know how to describe. I used to get it, like the phrase "Life would be so much easier if I were a cis boy" in the shape of a shitty feeling.
I wouldn't trust myself bc I'll probably still get it here and there again lmao. But I like to believe I'm chiller about me now. At least a little bit.
There's a lot about trans content that upsets me if badly handled, and l like to eat my food from fellow trans crestors most if
I can help it.
Tags exist for a reason, to protect yourself. And and I was shitty about it for a time, but I also understand- want to understand, why some don't want it tagged. I just. I know.
God I hope I'm making sense.
What fucks me up is people thinking it's okay to be shitty about the existence of trans content at all.
Can I even call a trans person transphobic? It doesn't sit well with me, so I won't. But it IS shitty.
Like, "don't care if it's tagged, I want it banned, I want it barren. I don't want to see it bc it hurts me, therebefore I want it to not exist." ??? This train of thought?? I hate it. I understand where it comes from but I still think it's shitty.
I hope it makes sense? There's a difference between wanting something tagged cos it hurts you (valid) and wanting something to NOT EXIST AT ALL regardless of how it helps others and makes others feel really happy about themselves, because it hurts You.
On the same vein that assholes who think gender dysphoria is what makes you trans and if you don't suffer it as badly as them then you're not part of the community- assholes who're violently against trans men celebrating themselves as such in creative content just.
Messes me up.
Idk where I was going with this. I'm just sad. Maybe I don't make sense.
Idk why you're here if you think I don't deserve to be like you, or if you think I don't deserve to love or celebrate me how I am bc this the only body I've got. Idk.
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