Let’s talk about social media, propaganda, and the coming campaign. I’m going to say some things and hopefully a productive discussion will ensue. 1/
Some things we know from 2016 and revelations since then.
1. Big traditional media (BTM) gets a lot of reporting cues from social media and internet chatter.
2. Political reporters tend to be very shallow on fact and analysis and attracted to hype. 2/
3. BTM are kings of “both sides” when it comes to debate even when the facts are on one side (“but Republican z says this about climate change!”)
4. BTM are kings of Murc’s Law -
"only Democrats have agency, and therefore everything is there fault."

5. BTM reports Republican messaging verbatim then reports what they think is wrong with Democratic messaging.
6. There are propaganda troll farms. They exist. This is a fact.
7. Trump’s campaign is very social media oriented. 4/
8. People who ally with Trump are very social media oriented and use troll farms extensively.
9. The right wing has a tight messaging machine:
9a. Fox News will talk about something in a slightly less crazy conspiratorial way. 5/
9b. Simultaneously, thousands of blogs and right wing “news sites” will talk about the same thing in a more unhinged way, including inserting actual disinformation.
9c. Simultaneously Facebook and twitter will be full of memes and literally 10s of thousands of trolls pushing the same message, more or less crazy based on target - the ones going for QAnon will be outright loopy, the ones going for swing voters will be more organized 7/
10. They are VERY good at demo targeting. See Cambridge Analytics.
11. They will have “left” propaganda trolls, “right” propaganda trolls, “Black” propaganda trolls, etc. They already do.

Note: I don’t think Bernie pays for his propaganda trolls. I think they come from pro-Trump funders or general chaos agents. So they aren’t going away.
What will the trolls be pushing?
I think this is more predictable now than it was with Clinton (they really went after “corrupt” with the emails and the foundation. That was the main theme).
I don’t pretend to be a soothsayer but we have some ideas. The RW trolls will be pushing some corruption with the Ukraine thing, but I don’t really seeing that having legs like the emails did. 11/
But a lot of trolling is just pushing imagery and *feelings* into your subconscious. So lots of images and videos of Biden touching people are going to be passed around frantically. Tara Reade will be raised constantly. 12/
The left trolls will do the things we’ve already seen - harp on things in Biden’s past that are not great left actions, harp on M4A and wanting poor people to die.
That’s as far as I go with prognostication. I’m not good at prognostication. 13/
But the discussion I hope to foster is, given the knowledge we have, what can we do to reduce the negative impact? How can we arm ourselves, knowing that there is L and R media who will happily amplify any anti-Biden messaging, knowing that BTM gets cues from social media 14/
And knowing the relentless repetition of imagery and simple messages impacts people’s *feelings* about a person and opens their minds to biased thinking about them?
Floor’s open.
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