10 Things you should NEVER do to your dogs. It’s a thread. This may save the life of a dog.

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1. Never transport your dog in a hot car. Don’t lock a dog in the boot (saloon car), don’t leave a dog in the heat of car as dogs can overheat fast
2. Stop hitting or beating your dog, you are just inflicting unnecessary pain. Dogs have associative memory, they can remember stuff by relating it to something. If you didn’t catch them in the act, just leave them or correct by taking there, don’t hit, you confuse them more
3. Stop chaining your dog down for hours or all through the day. It’d only leave them depressed. If you don’t have a good house or cage for them, get one! And stop locking them up as prisoners if you have one.
4. Stop allowing every all and sundry access to your security dog. It’s security for a reason. Unless he or she just a toy dog, learn to restrict and limit socializing. It should be adequate but don’t overdo it
5. Vets not breeders!
Breeders can have vast experience and knowledge about dogs, it doesn’t equate with the examination and consultation of a vet. Don’t ignore the routine vet visits.

Don’t wait till things get critical
6. stop over-indulging your dog
Learn to put rules and appropriately correct your dog when such is broken especially when at puppy. If you allow all your puppy’s bad habit, it will frustrate you when he or she grows.
7. Don’t over feed.; Never give bones

Stop overwhelming them with food, stick to your vet’s recommendation and never give bones. They may have preference for bones but it kills.

You’d not want to lose your pet due to stubbornness?!
8. Don’t use collar for excessive energetic dogs. Get appropriate harness. .
9. Don’t walk your dogs in the hot time of day.

Try and walk bare footed on the road during one sunny hot afternoon and feel what your dogs feel when you walk them while you wearing footwear.

Early in morning or cool evening is preferable.
10. Never leave then without water.

Don’t always leave food or remnant of food with them because of flies and rats. But water??? Always leave fresh water with them always.
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