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Always check this tweet before taking session 🤟

✓Without Checking we never say fake anyone
✓If you will know about fake profile then please comment
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Name: Mistress Nimisha
Username: @mistressNmisha

• She will change all things
• Using pics from net
•Id Running by male

2. Malkin Nusrat

•Using pics from Net
• Id Running by Male

✓ Fake
Name: Mistress Piriyanshi

•Followers: 7000+
•Using pics from net
•Id running by male

✓Fake ,Fuck Off
4. Sindhu
All Person Know she is fake, Then no proof needed
Name:Goddess Shruti

Id Link: https://mobile.twitter.com/Shruti25640109 

•Running by male

One Girl Using 2 Ids
• @the_royalfeet
• @ankitakaur17

•Both using Iphone
•Both using same fake account for publicity
•Both same feet

Yes She Is girl ,not male 🙂But creating multiple ids and cheating/ripping money

So we will count her in fake

Going in dm and saying report my id

I am not kid like you ( @Goddessnimisha & @Malkin_Nusrat)
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