Psychically, I saw the themes that came up for you during the libra full moon hint at the Gemini Venus Retrograde themes you’ll be maneuvering through during the retrograde period.

Venus rules Libra.

The retrograde shadow begins today.
This is a take that combines psychic sight and astrology. I am not reading exact transits, just energy.

One of the major themes I saw with the libra full moon was the need to have boundaries in relationships, and highlighting where we are people pleasing in order to be loved
Aries says “I”, Libra says “We”. There was a need to begin to reevaluate (retrograde themes, going back and “rethinking”) how to keep our INDIVIDUALITY (Aries) while in RELATIONSHIP (Libra).

ALL relationships.

How are we sacrificing our authentic truth to be loved/accepted?
The Venus retrograde shadow period begins today, April 9th. (Venus begins to slow down. We will lightly be feeling the themes) The retrograde begins on May 13th, and ends on June 25th. She clears the shadow on July 29th.

She will be turning retrograde in Gemini.
Typically, Gemini Venus is associated as playful, lighthearted, flirty, hard to pin down, etc.

Psychicaly, what I’m seeing is most important, is to focus on Gemini’s many FACES. In conjunction to the libra full moon theme, what FACE are u putting on to be loved? Is it real?
How many of us have fragmented our being, have launched our true, authentic selves out of our consciousness & brought in a different identity in order to be loved?

Are you loved for who you truly are or are you loved for the mask you wear? Do people even KNOW you?
Do YOU even know YOURSELF?

Venus rules relationships.

What about the relationship you have between SPIRIT and BODY? Who are you? Are you in secretly in pain because you’re not your true self? What parts of your life are a lie?

This retro isn’t going to hold back.
You’re going to be confronted with the lies. Confronted with where you aren’t being authentic. Confronted with the faces you put on, the unconsciousness lies you tell others and yourself in order to be loved.

Your soul wants to return home.
The relationship your soul has with your body is the relationship the world has with you.

Ultimately, when you begin to integrate your souls truth, MAGIC happens.

You feel more aligned. More clear. You begin to experience TRUE love, love you can’t possibly fathom now.
Retrogrades aren’t something to fear. They happen all the time. They are here to help us.

So allow your old life to crumble. Allow old identities to shatter. Allow relationships where you aren’t loved for who you truly are to fall away.

Your soul deserves its home. It’s body.
I’m not going to lie, this may be painful as you realize people don’t love you for you. But it’s so worth it. You deserve to be loved. That’s the reward of this transit. To be fully loved for who you are.

“Will this Venus retrograde in Gemini affect me more because my Venus is in Gemini?”

(This is relatable to all people with personal Gemini placements, also, what house Gemini is in for you. This may be where you have many “faces”)
It’s already happening to me. I just got served on what I read. I don’t even have any personal placements in gemini. I hate it here. https://twitter.com/arebirthofvenus/status/1248437324716933122?s=21 https://twitter.com/arebirthofvenus/status/1248437324716933122
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