#mentalillness a thread.

I’ve been hiding. I’ve been avoiding my family and friends. It’s easy in a time of #PhysicalDistancing because we can’t see each other. I don’t have to make excuses. I just don’t have to see anyone. I can be alone with my #depression and #anxiety
March 13 I got laid off because of #Covid_19 and EI pays less than half my bills. I don’t have toys, no boats, no sled, no extraneous payments. Just food housing insurance. The stress of being in this position has piled on top of an already pre existing #mentalhealth situation
Put all of this together and I have the perfect storm to be sliding into the black hole and having dark thoughts.
Im trying hard to climb out. Exercise, healthy eating, projects around the house, teaching the kids, less social media, mindfulness, schedule and routine, medication
But I’m still in the whole, and I don’t want to talk about it or reach out. I don’t want to talk to loved ones about it.

Stigma. That’s why.

You know how many times ive heard. It’s all in your head. You just need to power through. You just need to be more positive
I see people like @McAllisterBruce post shit like this. Clearly as a partisan attack

It’s an attack on me. And my mental health issue.

This shit is why there is stigma

And my thread is not partisan because I see both Left and Right use this as an attack.
My life, and my death are not fodder for you to make attacks.

Someone’s legitmate struggle to fight to stay alive is not yours to usurp and throw around as an insult.

My mom called me on Monday to tell me that one of her Nieghbours a man my age killed himself.
He and his wife and 3 young kids has just moved into the house they had been building for a year and a half and he worked in construction.

He lost his battle. He left behind three young kids and a wife.

That could have just as easily been me.

I am not a joke.
I’m a human being. Fighting every day to get back to work, to be healthy again. To care for and love my kids and teach them to be good people.
To contribute to my community and my country.

So to all of you who throw around #mentalheath issues as a jab,

Fuck off and grow up.
You assholes are the same ones tweeting on #letstalk day out of one side of your face, and the next day using me and my struggle as an insult

And @McAllisterBruce don’t think that me and @garymasonglobe didn’t notice you deleted your tweet without an apology like a asshole. End
To those out there battling every day I say this.
And this is some great inspiration. Today I got up and I’m taking on the tasks 1 at a time
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