Connecticut is the insurance capital of the world. A new report released by a coalition of groups reveals that CT insurers have over $221 billion invested in fossil fuels & continue to underwrite climate-killing fossil fuel projects.
Says CT State Senator & co-chair of the Insurance Committee @MattLesser "Climate Change will have a massive impact on all aspects of life in Connecticut, including expanding our vulnerability to emerging infectious diseases and pandemics. This report allows us to look at major
players in one critical Connecticut industry and identify potential next steps for action.” The numbers are pretty staggering -- the top-10 life insurers in CT have $134.7 billion invested in fossil fuels. Says @CCAG ED @tomswan "Any insurer that isn't aggressively rethinking
their relationship with fossil fuels, even before the recent volatility in oil markets, is not fulfilling their fiduciary responsibility to investors, policyholders and the communities in which they operate." The report lists the top 30 insurance companies operating in CT.
Over half have more than 10% of their investments in fossil fuels. Says Samantha Dynowski of @SierraClubCT "Connecticut is a leader in climate action, yet our insurance industry is failing to take the action necessary to avoid climate catastrophe. Instead, the top insurers in
our state are investing billions in fossil fuels, and insuring an untold number of fossil fuel projects. Full text of the report here:

Time to #StopTheMoneyPipeline!
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