Shower Thoughts:
If you’re a business owner who is invested in a regional economy, what if the most impactful thing you could do is to allow others to invest in the region alongside you?
What if allowing others to invest in your business for income, whether it is for reinvestment in your business or to take some chips off the table, is actually an investment in your future? Doesn’t seem like a stretch to me.
What if we encouraged the brands that make up our region to allow us to invest in their vision of the region. Fortifying their balance sheets. Perpetuating their legacy, and the region alongside them. We can all win together.
The second order effect of helping to fortify their legacy is that may be even more inclined then they already are to invest in the entrepreneurs of our region’s future. This is the mission of Localize in a nutshell. Share the vision. Spread the word.
If you could passively invest for income in any private company in your region, who would it be? My more obvious choices would be @EatnPark, @PITTOHIO, @penguins. My less obvious ones would be Bryan Materials Group and Lindy Paving.
What about established tech companies? Like @TeleTracking or Lucas Systems.
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