Inbound Marketing Funnel 😎
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1- Attraction stage

Start to build a relationship with our potential consumers by giving them helpful tips and info, for solving their problems
2- Generate Stage

Now, we make sure our potential consumers facing the problems and interested in our tips and they need our help by encouraging them to talk by asking them to do specific actions.
3- Nurturing stage

Here, we want to strengthen our relationship with our audiences before, During and after buying our products.
4- Awareness Stage: (products&Brand Awareness)

It`s the time to talk about ourselves and tell our potential consumers that we have products can help them overcome their problems.
Show them the benefits of your products.
5- Interest stage:

Our potential consumers know who we are and what are our products, but not ensure that we say the truth, need to know more About us and About our products.
6- Desire Stage: Our potential consumers decide to buy but need something to help them make the decision faster. so we give them the reasons to buy now not tomorrow
7- Close Stage:

Our potential consumers become actual consumers and buy the products
Help them be happy while ordering your products or services
8- Nurturing Stage: (Delight and Loyalty)"
It`s the time to upsell:
Post-Purchase Customer Service to make sure they are happy buying and using our products to keep them loyal to your brand, talk with people about you, and come back to buy from you again and again.
Here is what your customers need to buy. This is the modern Marketing that works and builds lasting brands.
Here is the way I use to win new clients.

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