In all seriousness how do we make “abortion unthinkable” ?

Full time sidewalk counseling, outside of the Delta abortion facility, around 8 out of 10 moms who DO choose abortion tell me a variation of:

It’s wrong
It’s ending a life
I don’t want to

and yet they follow through
What does this mean as prolifers?

Apologetics isn’t enough. Even CPCs are enough. I would even say CPCs are a band aid to the systems and structures set in place that create abortion vulnerable/targeted communities
Black/brown pregnant persons are 5x more likely to die from pregnancy related reasons in America

People’s fear is based in the reality of data and first hand community experiences

Maternity/Healthcare/Food Deserts are real and aggressively fueling the abortion industry
In all honesty the pro-birth slur is appropriate (to a limited degree) in how we are addressing crisis and unwanted pregnancies

The 1st step is shifting the ethos of helping pregnant person from passing out charity to solidarity and mutual aid
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