Hi, I'm Hasbee & I have Type II Bipolar Disorder. Some other advocates & I know that our collective mental health has been affected by the RMO. We want to help & are thinking of putting together a virtual support group. What issues under the RMO affect you most? Let us know. TQ.
Nothing is set yet, but we want to know what you'd like help with. If there other issues you'd like help with, reply this tweet.

Would appreciate RTs of the poll above 👆🏾. Thanks.

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I'm adding this here in case anyone needs it. If you need face to face psychiatric services, check this thread for options & tips. Obeying the RMO doesn't mean that your mental well-being isn't important, but our healthcare system is strained. Good luck. https://twitter.com/hasbeemasputra/status/1244538224673828865?s=20
If you're a healthcare professional and are open during the RMO, let me know what services (assessment, therapy, meds, rates) are available at your facility and I'll update the thread.

If you're a patient & have questions, you can DM me. I may be a little cranky though hehe.
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